Productivity and Benchmarking

Our Services Include

  • PLUS™ Performance Monitoring: Four-week or Pay Period Reports for each Department with On-going Management Consulting Support
  • Departmental Organization Charts identifying Fixed and Variable Staffing
  • Departmental FTE Opportunity Analysis FASTAF™ at Current or Budgeted Volumes
  • FTEs per AOB and CMI–EIPAs per FTE Analysis by Functional Groups
  • ​​Departmental Labor Standards Development
  • Staffing Plan Development for all departments and for new Programs & Certificate of Need Submissions
  • Fee for Service Staffing & Process Improvement Analysis
  • FTE & Salary Budget Preparation Assistance, Including on-site Budget Workshops

An example of a departmental PLUS™ report can be found below.

Our Successful Approach to Ongoing Productivity

  • Proactive approach to achieving staffing and expense goals and maintaining goals.
  • Continuous updating of departmental targets as volumes, systems, and external conditions change.
  • Flexible budget as volume or workload changes between departments.
  • Control of fixed costs through maintenance of departmental organization charts.
  • Emphasis on timely and accurate reports.

A one time comprehensive benchmarking FASTAF™ analysis can be found below.

Annual report for Maryland Hospitals can be found below.